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Are dental implant procedures painful?

Ask many a patient!

Pain is subjective and various people perceive it differently.

The implant procedure is a highly precise and controlled process. In fact, more so than getting a tooth extracted. If your situation is straight forward and involves a simple placement of implants, the pain is absolutely managed during the procedure. Often, our implantologist may not even need to give you a nerve block; just a simple infiltration will do. Anti-inflammatory drugs for a couple of days after the procedure keeps the patient comfortable.

Some situations do demand additional procedures like bone grafting or sinus lifts. In these circumstances, while the pain is absolutely managed during the procedure, there may be some postoperative discomfort or swelling. However, pain as such is absolutely managed with the prescribed medication.

Implant placement is a major dental procedure in terms of operator’s skill, effort and cost to the patient since it is the last resort to the replacement of a missing tooth. It is important to choose an implantologist with considerable experience in providing gentle care.

My husband, Dr. Reddy and I are specialists in this field and we look forward to treating you or to answering further questions you might have related to dental implants.

Dr. Vahini Reddy

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